The Team

 Bild Lab Members


Andrea Bild

Principle Investigator

Dr. Andrea Bild trained as a pharmacologist with a specialization in genomics and cancer cell biology. Her research program has established the development and clinical translation of a systems biology framework for personalized medicine genomics. Specifically, her research has enabled 1) investigations of signaling pathways and networks in a physiologically relevant setting: patient tumors; 2) algorithms to personalize matching of effective drugs to patients; and 3) systems-guided clinical trials with novel therapeutic strategies. Dr. Bild has also developed and founded the Genome Science Program at the University of Utah in order to train students and scientists in genomics and systems biology as well as create a rich collaborative structure for faculty across campus with expertise in this field.


Samuel Brady, Ph.D

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Sam is studying how breast cancers evolve and become

drug-resistant through genomic (whole-genome

and RNA sequencing) analysis of pre- and post-treatment

patient samples.  He also studies how to re-sensitize

drug-resistant cancers to therapy using cultured

patient-derived drug-resistant samples.


Gajendra Shrestha

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Gaju is using network-based genomics approach

to develop drugs targeting RAS-driven cancers.

He is also studying tumor heterogeneity and drug

resistance mechanism in breast cancer.


Jasmine Rethmeyer, Ph.D Candidate

Jasmine is working to develop a pipeline for identification of currently FDA-approved drugs for the efficacious treatment of rare diseases based on gene expression signatures in the affected tissues of the disease. Currently, she is tackling NGLY1 deficiency and ARCA-2.


JT Olds, Ph.D Candidate

JT is using his computer science background to try and improve existing methods and develop new methods for predicting efficacious drug therapies matching patient cell states using cell expression signatures and other high-throughput RNA sequencing.

 Previous Students


Shelley MacNeil, Ph.D 

Shelley developed novel methods for analyzing multi-omic data at the pathway level, interrogated the growth factor receptor network in breast cancer, and developed web applications for bioinformatic tools. She is currently a computational biologist at Tempus.


Medical Oncologists: Adam Cohen, Sunil Sharma, Theresa Werner

Statistician/Mathematician: Evan Johnson, Fred Adler

Bioinformaticists: Steve Piccolo, Laura Heiser, Gabor Marth and Aaron Quinlan

Computer Science/Citizen Scientists: Matt Might